Visitor Parking


Welcome to the University of California, Riverside!  All vehicles parked on the campus are required to have a valid parking permit from 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM, 7 days a week with the exception below: 

The following lots do not require a paid permit when parking starting at 12:00 PM on Fridays through 6:00 AM Monday morning, in the unreserved spaces:

  • Lot 6 Blue
  • Lot 13 Blue
  • Big Springs Parking Structure 2
  • Gold lots (26, 30, and 50)*

*Permits are also not required when parking in Gold lots (26, 30, and 50) during weeknights from 6:00 PM – 7:00 AM Monday-Friday.

Time limits are strictly enforced. Please refer to the parking options to find a parking location convenient to your destination on campus.

  • Information & Parking Kiosks

    Visitors may go to the Information & Parking Kiosk on campus for directions, parking help and general assistance.  Our ambassadors will provide you with guidance on purchasing a parking permit and directions to an available parking lot.

    If you need to purchase multi-day parking permits or parking permits in advance, please call or visit Parking Services.  Parking Services is located on campus at 683 Linden St.  Phone: (951) 827-8277

    Our kiosks accept check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

    Hours of Operation 2023-24 Academic Year (9/25/2023-6/14/2024)
    Location Monday-Friday Saturday-Sunday
    University Kiosk:
    located on University Avenue and West Campus Drive
    7:00 AM-6:00 PM CLOSED
    Martin Luther King Kiosk:
    located on Martin Luther King Boulevard and Canyon Crest Drive
    7:00 AM-2:30 PM CLOSED
    Hours of Operation Summer 2024 (6/17/2024-9/20/2024)
    Location Monday-Friday Saturday-Sunday
    University Kiosk:
    located on University Avenue and West Campus Drive
    7:00 AM-4:00 PM CLOSED
    Martin Luther King Kiosk:
    located on Martin Luther King Boulevard and Canyon Crest Drive
    Holiday Closures

    The Information Kiosks do not operate on days observed as academic and administrative holidays outlined on the UCR Holiday Calendar and reduced hours on the business day preceding an approved campus holidays (e.g., Wednesday before Thanksgiving).

  • Parking Options & How to Pay
    Lot & Location Purchase Link/Zone # Permit Dispenser Daily Parking Daily Rate Short Term Parking Short Term Rate
    Parking Only
    2476   X $7.50 X $1.75/hour
    (2 hours max)
    ADA Accessible Parking Only 2474   X $11.00    
    Lot 1 Blue Purchase   X $13.00    
    Lot 1 Red Purchase   X $15.00    
    Lot 3 Red Purchase   X $15.00    
    Lot 4 Short Term Parking 2460 X     X $3.50/hour
    (2 hours max)
    Lot 5 Blue Purchase   X $13.00    
    Lot 6 Blue* 2484 X X $13.00 X $3.50/hour
    (2 hours max)
    Lot 6 Red Purchase   X $15.00    
    Lot 6 Red Short Term Parking 2469       X $3.50/hour
    (1 hour max)
    Lot 7 Red Purchase   X $15.00    
    Lot 9 Blue Purchase   X $13.00    
    Lot 10 Short Term Parking 2461 X     X $3.50/hour
    (2 hours max)
    Lot 11 Red Purchase   X $15.00    
    Lot 13 Blue* 2492   X $13.00 X $3.50/hour
    (2 hours max)
    Lot 13 Red Purchase   X $15.00    
    Lot 14 Red Purchase   X $15.00    
    Lot 14 Short Term Parking 2462       X $3.50/hour
    (2 hours max)
    Lot 15 Red Purchase   X $15.00    
    Lot 20 (Evenings &
    Weekends Only)
    2489   X $13.00    
    Lot 23 (Evenings
    & Weekends Only)
    2490   X $13.00    
    Lot 24 Blue 2482 X X $13.00 X $3.50/hour
    (2 hours max)
    Lot 25 Red Purchase   X $15.00    
    Lot 25 90 Minute
    2478       X $5.25 for 90 mins.
    Lot 26 Gold** 2481 X X $11.00    
    Lot 30 Gold** 2480 X X $11.00    
    Lot 50 Gold** 2491 X X $11.00    
    A&I Horseshoe
    Short Term Parking
    2463       X $3.50/hour
    (2 hours max)
    Big Springs Structure 1 2464       X $3.50/hour
    (2 hours max)
    Botanic Gardens 2477 X     X $2.00/hour
    (3 hours max)
    Falkirk 2465       X $3.50/hour
    (2 hours max)
    International Village*** 2479   X $15.00    
    Oban 2466   X $15.00 X $3.50/hour
    (2 hours max)
    Pentland Way 2467       X $3.50/hour
    (1 hour max)
    Palm Desert (Lot B) 2470   X $6.50 X $3.25/hour
    (1 hour max)
    University Plaza 2472       X $3.50/hour
    (2 hours max)

    *No paid permit required when parking in Lot 6 Blue and Lot 13 Blue starting at 12:00 PM on Fridays through 6:00 AM Monday morning in the unreserved spaces.
    **No paid permit required when parking in Gold lots during weeknights from 6:00 PM - 7:00 AM Monday-Friday and all day on weekends.
    ***International Village weekly and monthly parking permits also available for purchase.


    ParkMobile is an app that enables you to pay for daily and short-term parking.  You can choose how long you want to park and pay for that amount of time.  Pay from any smart phone, mobile device, or ParkMobile Online.  ParkMobile is available in short-term and daily parking lots across the campus.  ParkMobile accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

    1. Download the ParkMobile app and register for an account using a credit card and your license plate number.  If your vehicle has a temporary paper license plate, please enter the temporary number as the license plate.  If there is no temporary number, enter the last 8 (eight) digits of your Vehicle ID Number (VIN).  Your VIN can be found on the driver's side door or the lower driver's side of the windshield.

    2. Once parked in a visitor parking stall, open the app and key in your parking zone number, located near the pay station, signs posted around the lots, and within the table above.

    3. Select the amount of time you wish to park. Normal parking charges apply. Transportation Services is paying the transaction fee normally collected by ParkMobile.

    4. You can opt-in to have ParkMobile send a text message 15 minutes before the expiration of your paid parking. You may select to extend your time or return to your car on time.

    Self-Service Pay Stations

    Parking pay stations give you short term and daily parking options in various lots across the campus.  They are located in Lot 4, Lot 6 Blue, Lot 10, Lot 24, Gold Lots 26, 30, and 50, and the Botanic Gardens.  Short Term (ST) permits are only valid for the lot purchased in the parking stalls marked "ST".  Daily permits are valid only in the lot purchased.  Pay stations accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

    Event Parking Permits

    Pre-paid parking is available for select sports and other campus events.  Reserving a parking spot ahead of time through ParkMobile Event Reservations will allow you to park and go directly to the venue without delays.  Sports and events will appear on the site as they become available.  Event reservations are not available through the ParkMobile app.