The 10-Pack permit option provides ten daily parking permits to use any day you want within the fiscal year.  They are meant as an option for those that do not commute to campus regularly.  10-Packs are only available to faculty, staff, and grad students and may either be purchased or offered as a free incentive to those enrolled in the R’Commute Program for using alternative transportation.  Those receiving a free 10-Pack are limited to purchasing one additional Blue 10-Pack per quarter.

When purchasing a 10-Pack you may select a Blue 10-Pack valid only in Blue lots, or a Red 10-Pack valid only in Red lots (based on availability).  The 10-Pack permit may be purchased in person at the Parking Services office or over the phone.  Those receiving 10-Packs as an incentive through the R’Commute Program are only offered a Blue 10-Pack option.

The 10-Pack permits are not lot specific, so it's recommended to go online up to 3 days in advance and reserve a permit from a list of available lots (see redemption instructions). Available spaces for each day may change based on lot utilization. Please note that carpoolers using a 10-Pack permit provided through the R’Commute Program do not automatically get to park in their assigned carpool lot.  They must also use the reservation system.

A permit is always required to park. If a permit is not reserved prior to leaving your vehicle you may be subject to citation. All 10-pack permits will expire on June 30th.  Once a permit is created it is final.  No credits or refunds will be issued for errors or unused permits.

A 10-pack permit is VALID:

  • In the lot selected when the permit is created

A 10-pack permit is NOT VALID:

  • In any other lot other than the lot selected when the permit is created. There is no cross parking.
  • In Pay-by-Space stalls
  • In Disabled or Medical stalls
  • In Service stalls
  • In any specially marked stalls