TAPS truck with license plate recognition

License Plate Recognition


What is LPR?

Automated License Plate Recognition is a virtual permit system that allows you to use your license plate as your parking "permit". No more worrying about properly displaying your parking permit, or transferring your permit between vehicles. With LPR, your plate is your "permit"!

How does LPR benefit me?

LPR simplifies the parking permit process and provides the following benefits:

  • No extra trips to pick up your permit, no concerns with lost/stolen mail, no waiting in line, and no extended processing time.
  • No permit to lose, forget, or move from vehicle to vehicle.
  • No $25 replacement fee if a permit is lost.
  • Account updates are user driven and less susceptible to data entry error.

How does it work?

LPR is a system of cameras and accompanying software, which will be placed in Transportation Services vehicles to scan license plates. When a scanned license plate number is not associated with a valid "permit" or is not being used correctly, enforcement is prompted to investigate further and potentially issue a citation.

What information will be collected and how will it be used?

LPR scans of vehicles will record the following:

  • License plate image captured
  • License plate number
  • License plate state
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location

Information gathered or collected and records retained will not be:

  • Sold, published, exchanged, or disclosed for commercial purposes.
  • Disclosed or published without authorization.
  • Disseminated to persons not authorized to access or use the information.

License plates in the LPR system will be stored for no longer than 60 days, unless it is involved in a citation, open appeal case, or law enforcement ongoing investigation or to be used as evidence by a law enforcement agency. Data stored for longer will be anonymized, aggregated and used for various analytics.