Lot 62 is currently closed. Orange permit holders can park in Gold lots for today, Friday, 3/1/2024.


All University vehicles are self-insured. In the event of an accident, please refer to the information below.

University Owned Vehicles

Drivers are required to report ALL auto incidents within 24 hours to UCR’s Claims Administrator, Sedgwick, by calling (800) 416-4029 and pressing 1. Operators are available 24/7.

Please use the Accident Loss Report Form to collect and document information. A copy of the Accident Loss Report form is also in each vehicle's glove compartment.

If any parties are injured, summon 911 immediately, and notify Risk Management as soon as possible. In addition, all vehicle accidents, damage, or theft should be reported to UCR Police and the supervisor in the vehicle's department.

Enterprise (VRide) Vehicles

An Accident Kit is located in the center console or glove box of each Enterprise vehicle. In the event of an accident (windshield damage, vandalism, minor accident, etc.), the Vanpool Coordinator or Driver is required to fill out the Accident Report Form and have passengers complete the included blue Accident Report Cards. In addition, please take 1-2 pictures of the damage on both vehicles.

Enterprise must be notified anytime an accident occurs. Call (310) 436-2375 or email maintenance@vanpool.com.