The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) has just released its new official GoMobile app.  RTA is currently phasing out the Token Transit app. Token Transit will not be accepted after January 15, 2023.   GoMobile is an all-in-one mobile app where you can access your UPASS, plan your trip, view bus arrival times, and get service alerts.  

If you already have a current UPASS offered through UCR, follow these steps to access your new pass:

  1. Register your account.  You must register with the confirmed email set up for your Parking Account (in most cases the and the phone number is the mobile phone number you provided to UCR.  If you receive a message that an account already exists, you may proceed to step 2 and download the app. 
  2. After registering, download the RTA GoMobile app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  3. Select My Passes and you will see your UC Riverside mobile pass. 
  4. Tap on the pass to activate it. When activated and ready for use you will see a QR code and scrolling timestamp on the bottom of the screen.  You must activate a pass each day you ride.
  5. To use your pass, simply scan the QR code with the reader on the top of the farebox. The farebox will beep confirming your pass has been accepted.
  6. If you are unable to scan your pass, show the screen with the QR code and scrolling timestamp to the driver.

If you have not already signed up for a free bus pass, you can register online at TAPS through the Parking Portal.

For any questions or assistance with the GoMobile app, please contact RTA Customer Service at (951) 565-5002.