Impacts to Parking and Campus Services

  • Due to the on-going construction projects and increased traffic activity around campus, please consider sustainable options such as biking and walking while getting around.
  • Be alert of your surroundings and share the road!

Use the calendar to stay ahead on parking impacts! Calendar highlights event parking in various parking lots and campus-wide holiday closures.

  • Alert #1: Parking Lot 19 will be closing on Friday, 6/14/2024 due to the construction of the campus' latest building, the Undergraduate Teaching & Learning Facility (UTL). Existing permit holders will be relocated to nearby lots. Completion of the building is anticipated in Fall 2026.
  • Alert #2: On Monday, 6/17/2024, work will begin for the traffic signal on Big Springs Rd./Watkins Dr. If this intersection if part of your commute, please pay close attention to vehicles, pedestrians, and construction workers around that area.

Campus Construction