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 Frequently asked questions about events on campus:


I’m a UCR student and I need to schedule parking for an event on campus. Who do I contact?

Please contact the event parking coordinator, Kim Huynh at 951-827-1295.

Am I allowed to pay for event parking services using our club's ASUCR account?

Yes.  It's a two-step process.

1.  First e-mail Kim Huynh with all your event details.  A event parking estimate will be provided.

2.  Next:  After receiving the event parking estimate, your club must submit a parking requisition to ASUCR.  For   assistance, please contact Maggie Godinez, ASUCR Organizational Funding Specialist at 951-827-3607.

I need directional signs for my event. Where do I go to order them?

If you are UCR staff, please submit a Web Recharge to TAPS-EVNT

If you are a student or off-campus group, please contact Kim Huynh, 951-827-1295.

I’m not affiliated with UCR. Am I allowed to purchase parking permits for my event guests?

Yes. Depending on the type of permit, there are a few options for purchasing and obtaining parking permits. For further assistance, please contact Parking Services at 951-827-1294, or stop by our offices located on campus at 683 Linden.

I have an event that requires transportation for my guests from the Mission Inn to campus.
Who do I contact?

Transportation for your guests can be arranged using various means of transportation, depending on your needs.  Contact Event Services at 951-827-1295 or 951-827-1297 to discuss and schedule arrangements.

I have a small group of guests parking in Lot 30 who need transportation to the HUB.  Can that be arranged?

Yes.  We can transport your guests from Lot 30 to the flag poles in front of Lot 1.  We can provide both a driver and vehicle.  Contact Event Services at 951-827-1295 or 951-827-1297 to discuss and schedule arrangements.

My Grandmother will be attending a concert a University Theatre.  Can I arrange for her
to be picked up in Lot 6 and taken to the theatre?

Yes.  If Event Services has been contacted to host the parking for an event, accommodations can be made for special needs guests.  Special transport arrangements require a minimum 1 week notice prior to your visit on campus.  Contact Event Services at 951-827-1295 or 951-827-1297 to discuss and schedule arrangements.

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