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Cyclists and Walkers enjoy health benefits and save money by utilizing a commute mode that provides reliable transportation and is environmentally friendly. Participants enrolled in the Cyclist and Walker Alternative Transportation program receive several valuable incentives designed to make cycling and walking an even better commute choice.

Participants in the Cyclist program must have their bicycle registered to receive incentives. Transportation and Parking Services provides FREE bicycle license registration to students, faculty, and staff.  Stop by one of our Bicycle Registration Events or the Parking Services building Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM to register and license your bicycle.

Plan your bike trip with Google Maps .  Here you can find routes, calculate mileage, and estimate travel time. 

Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff

Faculty and staff with a minimum 50% appointment or full-time graduate students are eligible to participate in the Cyclist or Walker programs. Applicants may not hold a daytime commuter parking permit and must reside within walking / cycling distance from campus.

Enrollment information provided to TAPS is subject to verification prior to issuance of incentives. This process is completed utilizing University electronic records.

Complimentary Parking Privileges

Registered Cyclists or Walkers are eligible to receive a complimentary parking allotment. Program participants are provided a prorated permit allotment, based on 4 permits per month.  Actual allotments provided are dependent on enrollment dates and are issued on a quarterly basis.  Parking allotments are available through the A/T Daily Web Permit system.

In lieu of receiving complimentary daily parking permits, participants may choose a Night parking permit as their complimentary parking incentive. Night permits are valid after 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday and all day on weekends.

Complimentary Locker and Shower Facilities

Registered Cyclist or Walkers are eligible to utilize the facilities at the Physical Education building without charge. PE Facility Authorization forms can be requested from Transportation and Parking Services.

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