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About Gates & Bollards

Transportation and Parking Services operates several secured access gates around the campus. The intent of these gates is to restrict private vehicle access to the service areas of the campus and to ensure emergency vehicles are able to respond to these areas promptly without obstacles or delay.  Bollards have been placed in and around the Inner Campus, limiting vehicle access on pedestrian paths and walkways.


FAQs Regarding Gate Arms

Gate Arm

How will service and other authorized vehicles open the gate arm and bollards?

Transportation and Parking Services will issue access cards or unlock bollards to authorized service providers. Contact  if you require access past these points.  For immediate need call 951-827-4133.

Will more gates and bollards be installed in and around the campus?

Yes. As the campus grows, more secured access gates may be installed to mitigate campus traffic. Bollards continue to be added through-out the campus core with access restricted to emergency vehicle use only.


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