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Transportation & Parking Services

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency Call Box

Emergency Call Boxes

For the safety and convenience of the campus community, Transportation & Parking Services installs and routinely inspects the emergency call boxes in parking lots and pathways on campus.

Emergency call boxes are installed in every parking lot and on various paths and walk-ways through-out campus. Call box locations can be found on our Campus Map. The emergency call box will connect you directly to the UC Police Department on campus.

Tips to Protect Yourself When Walking or Going to Your Vehicle

  • Avoid walking alone at night unless absolutely necessary.
  • Keep to well lit commonly traveled routes.
  • Avoid shortcuts and dark, isolated areas.
  • Have your door keys ready, carry them in your pocket, not buried in a purse or backpack.
  • Look into your car before getting in.  Lock doors and rollup windows once inside for protection.
  • If you are having car problems, raise the hood, then lock yourself into your car if it breaks down. If someone stops and offers you help, remain in your car and ask them to phone for help.  Do not worry about seeming rude.
  • Report suspicious individuals, vehicles, and/or behavior to the UC Police Department. 

Campus Safety Escort Service

The Women’s Resource Center provides free Campus Safety Escort Service.  Visit their webpage for days and hours of service.

Reach the Campus Safety Escort Service by calling 827-3772 or use any one of the red direct-line phones located in most campus buildings. You can also request an escort in person at the Rivera Library. When the Service is not in operation, you can contact the Campus Police Department for an escort, 827-5222.

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